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Before East Meets West Branding  and  my decision to live in South Asia, I had the pleasure of working for some  iconic global brands like Aveda and Maharam where I lead some

amazing co-branding  marketing campaigns using social media and powerful content.






One that particularly stands out was  the collaboration  with Disney  to create a commemorative golden coin to celebrate  their 50th  animated film, Tangled,  and the 50th anniversary of Goldline, a precious metals leader in Santa Monica, CA.  It was a truly amazing experience to be part of a successful digital campaign bringing both brands tangible results and  a once in a lifetime  opportunity to be  part of the Tangled global premiere on Hollywood Boulevard!

I have also worked in the South Asian landscape as a branding marketing consultant with high end fashion apparel brands such as Kilol of Jaipur India. Helping them launch story-driven marketing content that embodied their brand helped revamp their digital presence and redefined their web blog, I have been published multiple times by Thrive Global  focusing on a myriad of topics such as wellness, lifestyle and well being. Please see my most recent article focusing on the power of connection in today's world.

You need someone who’s great at translating what your brand offers

to a diverse, multi-layered market that doesn’t know you exist yet —

which is what I can offer.




I would love to  tailor an exclusive growth strategy to your brand’s needs. If you’re ready to expand your lifestyle brand globally or just want to discuss the needs for an upcoming rush project I would be happy to connect over a complimentary 20 min call. 


  Areas where I can support your Marketing team are:

  1. Creating Winning & Compelling  Social Media Content for the Global Market

  2. Branded, Story-Driven Marketing Content

  3.  Culturally relevant & s Marketing Campaigns

                                                 Let's connect !

At Disney's Tangled Premiere with my Marketing colleagues from Goldline on Hollywood Blvd

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Welcome to East Meets West Branding

Greetings from South Asia! My name is Asha and  I am the creator of East Meets West Branding, a one stop solution for lifestyle brands focused on wellness and fitness seeking compelling, story driven campaigns and effective content for your target market.

I offer  a complimentary 20 min introductory call so I can understand exactly what you need.

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