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Top 3 Netflix Weekend Binges for September 2021

Fall is here and summer has slowly drawn to a close but finding amazing movies and shows to binge and enjoy this September is not difficult. I focus this post on Netflix because despite having a very soft corner for Warner Brothers and Paramount, two amazing Hollywood studios where I have actually toured and worked, I have to commend Netflix for keeping us highly entertained and surprised by the wide array and freshness of the movies and TV shows they continue to offer.

White Tiger with Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Movie)

An unexpected and must see movie if you are into a global international vibe is White Tiger, a movie told from the perspective of an Indian servant in what turns out to be a very provocative narrative keeping you on the edge of your seat for the entire film. Unlike the feel-good movies like "Monsoon Wedding" or "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" which show a colonial, romantic version of India, White Tiger narrates a surprisingly raw, modern story line which is right on the money!

Another great find on a totally different frequency was The Dig starring Carey Mulligan from "An Education" and the unsurmountable Ralph Fiennes which is set in the quiet English countryside and a total contrast to White Tiger. The fact that The Dig is based on an inspiring true story and documents in true Hollywood style an amazing Anglo Saxon archeological find makes it a great Sunday binge along with the nuanced and delicate performances of Fiennes, Mulligan and Lily James of Downton Abbey. It is a period piece but describes a little known tidbit of history and is a great binge.

Last, but definitely least, is a delightful TV series created by the venerable Chuck Lorre on Netflix which is reminiscent of shows like The Odd Couple and many more, but brought to life by none other than Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. The Kominsky Method, set in Los Angeles, also takes a humorous look at "wanna be" actors, acting classes, and Hollywood itself, and is one of the best mature comedies I have seen in a long time.

Enjoy, share your favorite binges and enjoy September wherever you may be!

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