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Netflix Revival of Idris Elba’s BBC Hit Reveals Daring Escape From Jail in Luther: The Fallen Sun

February 24th marks the return of the charismatic yet irreverent Idris Elba in his award-winning role as John Luther DCI in the movie Luther: The Fallen Sun. Netflix has reconceptualized this global thriller detective series for the silver screen picking up where the BBC series ended in Season 5 with his humiliating arrest.

Luther’s continued harassment by a cyber-criminal and psychopath compounded with his insatiable devotion to solve gruesome crimes precipitates his escape from a high security prison. The intensity of BBC’s Luther series is brilliantly captured and magnified in the recently released Netflix trailer featuring the erratic and unpredictable Elba alongside Dermot Crowley as DSU Martin Schenk and the incomparable Andy Serkis as part of the mega star cast of Luther: The Fallen Sun.

Described as nitro-glycerine in Season 1 of Luther, Idris Elba’s brilliant portrayal of John Luther and his innate sixth sense of understanding and anticipating the next move of a serial killer is amplified in this high voltage Netflix trailer. Recipient of the Critic’s Choice Award, as well as the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for his portrayal of John Luther, Elba’s resurrection does not disappoint in this short Netflix preview of what is to come. Luther’s characteristic gritty, unswerving determination to hunt down the menacing killer wreaking havoc on London is exhilarating and restorative.

Netflix carefully chose its team to rejuvenate this BBC favorite and global phenomena reprising the brilliant show runner Neil Cross to write the screenplay of Luther: The Fallen Sun. This makes perfect sense given his role as the writer and creator of Luther from 2010-2019. The directorial choice of Jamie Payne also offers a seamless transition from the Emmy award-winning detective thriller series with Payne having directed several episodes of Luther as well as other award-winning action hits such as Outlander and New Amsterdam.

Netflix viewers worldwide can stream Luther: The Fallen Sun starting March 10th, leaving the larger question whether this is the just the beginning of a possible John Luther movie franchise. Unlike the slick and poised Jason Bourne or the quiet strength of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Idris Elba’s John Luther captured audiences in 2010 with his deep secrets, volatility and innate ability to understand hardened criminals, making him brilliant at his job. Unlike other crime detectives, Elba leaves viewers of the Netflix trailer wondering who is the enemy and what dark personal story drives him to hunt down this dangerous killer on a life and death mission.

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