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History in the Making with Rishi Sunak

Today is a moment when history could be made in the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak, son of Indian parents who migrated from East Africa to Southampton, could become the next British Prime Minister. This would be a historical moment for any immigrant family whose country was ruled and then liberated by the British Empire. In India's case, this was a mere seventy-five years ago. In a time when division, white supremacy, and isolationism are still prominent and vibrant worldwide, the fact that a son of an immigrant can become its true and elected leader is a breath of fresh air.

Sunak, in his own right, if elected, is no less celebrated or qualified than his predecessors. His academic resume includes both Oxford and Stanford and his professional experience is equally impressive including stints at Goldman Sachs and a private California hedge fund company before entering politics. What is telling here is how Sunak's bid and possible victory, will impact the dreams of Indian children and immigrant families across the United Kingdom. Having lived in the US during Obama's sweeping victory in 2009 which seemed to break a glass ceiling and instill hope around the world, I feel a similar whiff of what is possible by Sunak's imminent victory. This is not a comparison of leaders, but the euphoria of what is possible in a world where inclusivity and diversity can actually level the playing field.

One wonders what the great Mahatma Gandhi would be saying today as the celebrated leader and architect of India's independence who led India to its freedom from the British and changed the world forever by his practice of non-violence and unswerving value for peace, honesty, and truthfulness. In Gandhiji's own words: "The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane".

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