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Losing 20 in 2020, yes I can!

The summer of 2020 has been like no other. Travel has been replaced with remote work and home vacations, and there is still no sign of things returning to normal. I think that in these moments, however, it is essential to sit back and be grateful for what we do have, what we have gained, and where we want to go. For me, the biggest revelation since March 2020 when the whole world went remote, is the realization that health is really wealth. Let's face it, the world was put in a standstill in March due to health and an unknown virus.Health experts including the CDC have been pretty explicit that people who are overweight could be at higher risk and also would have a harder time to recover. I know you are thinking now...let's think of brighter and better things but ladies and gents, what I am saying is now is the time to focus on wellness, exercise and all those things we wanted to do but never got around to.

I wrote an article published in Thrive Global earlier in the pandemic about finding wellness and well being and I still stand by the absolute need to find an exercise routine and wellness schedule. As we are on the brink of September, I would like to turn it up a notch. Let's go for that unreachable 20 pounds which we always wanted to lose. Here's what I am doing and I would love to be inspired by your thoughts as well:

  • Find an inspiring exercise routine preferably with a dynamite coach. 2020 is the year of discovering amazing fitness routines from around the world. I have done fun routines with weight builders, Pilates experts and the amazing Hollywood trainer of the stars, Eric the Trainer and his amazingly zany, positive, warm show called Morning Glory Live which has workouts 3-5 days a week. Find something that works for you!

  • Pick your cheat food- and try not to look at calorie busters that are not worth the sacrifice, yes, I am talking about this sumptuous gelato taken during a culinary adventure in Milan. Dark chocolate in small quantities is better than throwing away a dinner on a triple decker gelato... which is exactly what I did.

Lastly, make a pact with some friends to stay accountable. Share it with your supportive girl and guy friends who want to see you achieve something and become the best version of yourself in 2020. If anything, let's make this decade about supporting others and...dropping that illusive 20!

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