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Throwback to the City of Angels: Los Angeles

For wanderlusters around the globe , travel right now is a future possibility living in the reality of a throwback moment. Facebook groups and Instagram are thriving with images of trips taken, moments that were forgotten and destinations yet to discover. In looking through lovely images of trips to Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Prague, I cannot help but linger on some bright moments of my old hometown, Hollywood. Few people know it but Hollywood is actually part of Los Angeles and not a true incorporated city like West Hollywood, affectionately known as Weho. is not the home of the rich and famous. Ironically, it is more middle class than Berkeley, CA and actually cheaper in many parts than its neighbors of Burbank, Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills.

Entrance at the Craft Contemporary taken in 2017

What I loved about living in Hollywood was the diversity and richness of culture whether it be art or entertainment. On one side you have avante-garde museums like LACMA or the Craft Contemporary on Wilshire where global artists and eclectic art exhibits are just the norm, yet on the other side, you have the iconic Paramount Studio and Sunset Strip just a few minutes away. Where else after a long day at work could you grab a front row seat at a special screening of the Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith and actually meet and greet Will and Jada Pinkett after the show, for real?

The global food selection is another amazing draw of the City of Angels. Just down Sunset Blvd from Hollywood on the way to Santa Monica, CA is Westwood, CA home to some of the most delicious Iranian restaurants you will find in Southern Cali. Take, Shaherzad, an Iranian sit down restaurant where you are served mouth watering greens comprising of fresh anise, lemon grass, and mint with buttery feta cheese, fresh onion and giant Iranian walnuts as an opening salad. Or La Brea bakery back near West Hollywood where the bread and pastries are delectable each and every day. Thai town in Hollywood, came pretty darn close to the real Thai street food I had when I visited Bangkok and is standing room only till 2am on most nights! Sanamluang on Hollywood Blvd, hands down, had the best Rad Na and Pad Thai I have ever laid my eyes on!

Hollywood, you are a great throwback, you were an amazing home, and may you never cease to draw dreamers from around the world. 🎥🌟🎥

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