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Super Bowl Sunday? Who are the winners- Jason Momoa, Alexa, Jeep Groundhog Day? or the Chiefs!

Super Bowl Sunday has passed... the world witnessed the superb moves of the 49ers and the Chiefs and the records they broke and probably enjoyed some fun with family and friends. For me, the Super Bowl represents a showcase of the most innovative, memorable, some not so memorable, attempts to capture the attention of every eyeball compressed in a 1:30 or less experience. The Chief's victory after 50 years was momentous and thrilling but more people (than they will admit) are excited to see the latest and greatest commercials. It's not every day that you see brands competing and going all out using their creative juices to seize the year's biggest TV viewing moment. Variety quoted a whopping 102 million viewers for Super Bowl 2020, up about 2% from 2019 which is no small thing.

So...there was a true plethora of choices this year, the feel good Loretta spot done by Google, the humorous and clever "You Can't Touch This " commercial from Cheetos where orange fingers from munching a bag of cheetos save the day from all mundane tasks and expectations in life. My personal favorite was Jeep's Groundhog Day a humorous yet compelling throw back to one of Bill Murray's all time iconic roles in a believeable contemporary twist.

What was striking this year was the number of celebrities that were featured in the major Super Bowl commercials as often this is a break out moment for upcoming stars. Instead, this year the world got to see Molly Ringwald's upbeat pitch for "Avacados from Mexico", an absolute must see. Humor was aced by the trio, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and Chris Evans, in their SNL-like, over the top Boston accent for the Hyundai Sonata "Smaht Pahk" spot, not to be outshone by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi imagining a life without Alexa- a brilliant and again very smartly storyline put together by Amazon.

Bottom line, watch a few and see what catches your fancy for the new decade!

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