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Against all Odds!

I recently read a truly intriguing social media post where someone thanked all the naysayers in their life for not believing in them and how this actually propelled them to places they never would have reached without it. It got me thinking as most social media posts you see are either about inspirational, positive moments that have pivoted them in a meaningful direction or a "Debbie Downer" moment where they rant about how unfair life can be.

This honest and brazen share started me thinking on how many of us limit our possibilities in life and explorations around the world because of what people think or say. I saw another post where a person's family actually offered to refund the full amount of their ticket just so they would NOT travel and explore the world. Is it insecurity or jealousy on their part I thought?

I distinctly remember a moment in my life 3 years ago where someone pointed to a dismal, forgotten town and indicated to me that this would be my new hood, that this is the best I would get to travel and explore as better places were simply, not possible. And for many, a conversation like that would reinforce the many reasons why one could not do something, be it a job, be it money, be it the confidence and boldness to do it anyhow. This pivotal moment made me determined to create a plan to discover a country each year and bury all the reasons I had not traveled over the past decade including reasons like student and house debt that had always obstructed my pipe dream. I am proud to say that since that moment 3 years ago, I have discovered, enjoyed and rejoiced in three different amazing cities around the world: Prague, Amsterdam, and Milan. And there is no turning back!

Coming back to the initial refreshing post, I realized that people NOT believing in you can be something amazingly motivating. Being in Times Square on New Year's Eve was a non-starter for most people who I shared this pipe dream with yet I did it in 2019! (You can read all about it my former post !) Being in a feature film while living in Hollywood was considered a totally crazy illusion, till I did become part of the cast for Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds". The moral of the story is, dare to dream, dare to discover, don't accept other's people's view of yourself as your own view or limitation. this amazing, welcoming, world around us! 🌍 ✈

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