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Season Finales and 2019 Shows You Don't Want to Miss!

If you look around at the world these days, the only constant is change. Politics is on its head whether it be the ongoing saga of BREXIT or No BREXIT dilemma of the British parliament or the increasing polarization in the US of the two main parties which is even more intense that it was during the last election in 2016. I live in South Asia where there is true election fever going on in the Indian subcontinent as the national election launches this month. Talk shows streaming non-stop debates with their two major parties and everyone between is the order of the day in addition to lofty campaign promises that will probably dissolve before the end of 2019! Frankly who can keep up with all of the pressing issues anymore? It is no wonder that sitcoms that provide pure, unadulterated entertainment, far from the madding crowd of 2019 are the order of the day!

Last week was the season finale of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" which just hit the right note these past four years. It was a perfect antidote to crazy politics, war, and a long work week for many of us! With no superstars in its cast, it launched as a refreshing take on the neurotic, obsessive but compelling life of Rebecca Bunch and her move from NY to CA, but this was just not any regular sitcom. This was a show inspired by musical theater and an insanely creative and talented cast who could burst into song, full dance sequences and dream choreography at the drop of the hat. It was insane, comical, sincere and relateable all at the same time with the absolute guarantee of 100% entertainment. How many series can claim creating more than a hundred songs in just four seasons! You can still catch all the episodes on Hulu and Chillax, a streaming service available internationally wherever you are in the world!

It is hard to pick a favorite "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" dream sequence but this is one of the first I saw on the show and could not help but laughing out loud! It is a mix of SNL (Saturday Night Live) and improv and made me think of the true life yoga classes I have attended where the instructors and some students take themselves way too seriously. Have you ever sat next to someone so insanely fit that it would give the average person an inferiority complex! If you have, you will definitely enjoy this!

Another show facing its last season and wildly creative and fun is "Jane the Virgin" which is also on the CW. Talk about a melodramatic, crazy but touching show based on the classic telenovella. What I love about this show, again like "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", is the eclectic, super talented caste and the amount of twists and turns they can create in a single episode. The last season for this show just launched the end of March so for anyone looking for creative yet ingenious rest and relaxation with a guaranteed pure escape, this is a sure solution!

Last but certainly not least is the resurrection of "Will and Grace", a brilliant show that returned to NBC in 2018 after it originally ended in 2006. With its pitch perfect sense of humor, zany mega cast of Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally, it is one of the most successful sitcoms of all times. Catch an episode and you will see why!

So....just remember, when the going gets tough, the tough does not need to get going, binge watch any of these iconic shows and you hit bingo!

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