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Losing 20 in 2019, thanks to Josh Chan!

Who out there is guilty of looking up amazing vegan dessert recipes and also checking out great fitness routines at the same time? To me, being a foodie, a caffeine aficionado and seeking a good fitness routine are all the same thing. Fitness and healthy living allow you to dream of trying a piece of almond butter, dark choc and sea salt dates posted on by DeliciouslyElla, for goodness sake!

Cast photo (Josh is second to left!)

So, coming up to end of March and still far from my goals of dropping 20 in 2019, I started following the fitness advice of trainers, models and Hollywood celebs including, the one and only Josh Chan from #crazyexgirlfriend! If you have not checked out CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend you are absolutely missing out on one of the few shows left which is honest, fun, zany and where dream sequences are an integral part of the story plot! Anyhow, Josh is the hero of the of this romcom and a great person in real life as well. So... I was in a rut earlier this week and having followed the cast of #crazyexgirlfriend forever, sent a desperate message to Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) asking how he looks so amazing each and every episode and got a message back! AMAZING!!!

So in the spirit of sharing and giving back to my blog community here are a few of Josh's tips:

Diet - (this is big for me as I live now in South Asia where they have an actual meal called Tea time where you have the excuse to indulge in sweets or fried salty food! I am opting for fruit instead, ladies and gentlemen, so that I do not self sabotage! plus a 1200 calorie day)

Diet tips from

Meal Curfew - this is a novel concept as being a late night person, I find that post supper nibbles are the most delightful! I am going to try to impose a 7pm curfew, Josh Chan does 6:30 pm :).

Drinking lots of water- Now you would think living in a tropical, humid climate this would be automatic but remember folks, I live in India the land of chai :). A cup of chai ☕ defeats water each and every time but not starting this week. I will try to drink at least 6 cups and make it interesting with hot cumin or coriander seeds.Kerala restaurants serve this hot water as it is supposed to encourage digestion.

Workouts- Still working on this component but am thinking of overcoming the excuses and walking each day!

Here's to 20 in 2019, will keep you posted! 📧

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