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New Years resolutions, here I come!

My year started with an amazing boost. I have seen the crystal ball drop in New York City for years on TV whether I was in the US or in another country. Growing up partially in Upstate NY, it was always a proud moment to see that NYC kicked off the year for much of the globe.

In the fall of 2018, I decided that 2019, was going to be the year I celebrated New Years actually seeing the ball drop in person! Two of my dearest friends from my hometown of Syracuse, NY decided they were in, we booked our tickets, met up and defied the odds by actually seeing the ball drop in NYC on Dec. 31st! This is a picture taken in the frenzied crowd on Time Square where we stood among people of different countries, languages, shoulder to shoulder, exuberant to ring in 2019!

This year, as many, I made the solemn, resolution to drop 20 pounds, yes that dreaded, seemingly impossible 20 pounds. So here we are March 4th and have I made a dent.....drum roll....not yet. So, given the euphoria of the beginning of this year, I have decided to loyally blog and write about this process as I am guessing there are many people in the same boat around the world and I am not alone.

Who out there hasn't tried some fun amazing diet that seemed to be the answer? The Master Cleanse (or more affectionately known as the maple syrup diet where you live on lemon juice doctored with cayenne pepper and Grade A maple syrup and limes for a minimum of ten days) was the rage when I lived in Hollywood, CA in 2006. Guess why?...Beyonce' supposedly dropped twenty pounds by doing the Master Cleanse for her starring role in Dream Girls and suddenly it was the "in" diet to do. I did it for ten days, lost 9 pounds and within a few months was right where I had started!

The truth is that anyone who knows anything will tell you that being consistent, make a lifestyle change, and being prepared to sacrifice is what is required. On that somber note, I plan this week to: wake up and workout in the AM (it is getting hot as hades over here in South Asia and afternoon workouts just kinda don't happen!) and to figure out how to enjoy my desserts in moderation or once a week. Now that is hard for a person who could skip a meal for a dessert but... I am determined to try.

For inspiration to make your New Years resolutions, I have included a link to the big Ball Drop in NYC!

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