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Thanksgiving is over...time for some new resolutions!

I don't know about you, but I feel like most of us really start to think about fitness, health and weight loss, not at New Year's when anything seems possible, but the day after Thanksgiving! I am in far off South Asia and a vegetarian to boot, but the tropical fruit cake, chocolates, and spending a luxurious long meal with family only underlines afterwords that I still I am many inches from my fitness goals.

The difference between last year and this is that I have found a personal trainer who is can support wherever I am because she is virtual! Yes, a person who has my back to create customized diet plans, workout routines and modify my meals so I can eat cheat food and still lose some inches!

It is is still early in the game but I wanted to share my discovery with others and created a platform called Travel Lifestyle 101 where I share fitness, travel, and

other lifestyle tips I have discovered living around the globe and trying to find my zen! Find out more and report back!

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