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Wonder Women Who Don't Eat Sugar

Fall is officially here and with just 3 months before the end of 2017, this is the time to get serious about diet, fitness and life! I have a lot of icons in life, one is Wonder Woman who I am happy to say was discovered this year by millions in the Wonder Woman May release.

The other is Jillian Micheals who is my go to for high intensity, knock your socks off, fitness while travelling. In her fitness DVDs, she is always saying that you need to find the "why" for getting fit, losing weight and over the years this has held many meanings for me. Fit those jeans, look fabulous for that next commercial audition (when I loved in La La Land!), fit into that favorite salvar or dress etc.

In Wonder Woman, I find a super hero to emulate, not only because she is insanely fit and fabulous, but she is kind and empathetic. She is the "why" because there is no reason than any of us gals or guys around the globe could not be the free, fabulous and fit person she is but it takes perseverance, purpose and finding inspiring company along the way. So this is the first in my blog series about dropping 25 pounds and my journey. It will be a herculean task and my first aim is to fight the battle of sugar, how to live with it and reach my goals. Send me a tweet at @thebelledesi with your thoughts or better yet post some inspiration on my Instagram page at and let's get this party started!

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