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La Brea Bakery, La La Land etc!

Hollywood is a town where dreams come true and with Oscars 2017 just hours away, I want to pay homage to a Los Angeles establishment that is the destination for all bread connoisseurs and bakers, La Brea Bakery. For 26 years, this cafe has offered its loyal following mouthwatering pastries, innovative gluten free and vegan options and its AMAZING bread, patronized by wineries in Napa all the way down to its faithful Los Angeles fans. The free cup of hot coffee they give to every guest on their way home, doesn't hurt your warm feeling of nostalgia leaving this bakery of all bakeries! So how does this link to La La Land, I think it all comes down to escapism. Just like the aroma of fresh bread wafting through a cosy home, La La Land with its vintage aesthetic, romantic throwback to the Hollywood musical and ever alluring story of "boy meets girl and anything can be possible" is just what we need: an antidote to the harsh political realities of today both in the United States and around the world. I love many of its contenders: #Hidden Figures, #Moonlight, #Fences but....I vote for fantasy, hope and the stuff that dreams of made of and that is why I am eternally a fan of Hollywood.

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