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Curious Life Coffee Roaster

The character of a town and its people are often revealed by the cafes and espresso bars which captivate its people. In contemplating this web forum of café lovers like myself, I was intrigued to read the inspiration behind Starbucks in the words of none other than Howard Shultz and was as these resonated with the essence of why I too am passionate about Le Cafe: “I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community among them, and from that moment on I was determined to bring world-class coffee and the romance of Italian espresso bars to the United States. It was an experience I fervently believed could enrich people’s lives.” *.

Global Café Round Up

As a café aficionado and espresso enthusiast, my travels to Jaipur, Rajasthan would not be complete with visiting Curious Life Coffee Roasters owned by Neeraj Sheoran. Coffee is a true labor of love for this former Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian army who discovered his zest for signature fine coffees when posted in the Congo and surrounded by South American military colleagues who savored their South American and Guatemalan coffee blends. Following an injury on duty, Neeraj’s dream of owning a serious café with individually sourced coffee beans became a reality, allowing him to transition from military life to that of a coffee connoisseur establishing a café based on fair trade coffee. Curious Life is warm yet sophisticated in its décor and includes offerings such as pour over, French press, vacuum pots and aero press for its coffee lovers with sweet and salty bites to augment its signature blends.

Address: P-25 Yudhisthir Marg C-Scheme, Jaipur

Phone: 91-9828913119/ 91-0141-2229877

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