Calling all Solo Travelers and Wander lusters.

It is officially the month of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween, when your cubicle at work seems too small and your pile of laundry just seems that much heavier because it has been ages...since you traveled.

You are in the right place, as I created this blog to read like a chapter out of Rough Guide or your fav travel blog, where interesting tidbits tempt you to find your next destination for the holidays, new conquest for a long weekend, and your next exciting escape! 


Lonely Planet has a wide choice of new destinations that top the list for 2019 including  the likes of :



Miami, Florida; 

Novi Sad, Serbia;

Shenzhen, China;

& Copenhagen! 

So how you begin as a solo traveler to decide where to go and what to do?

  •  Lonely Planet is a great place to start your research...

  • Check out Airbnb Travel Experiences for what is possible  to experience in amazing destinations all over the world (one experience currently available is to be a mermaid for a day in San Diego!)


  • Solo travel blogs like Alex in Wanderland,  Hey Nadine and Wandering Earl offer fun, fresh content and suggestions on amazing places around the planet!  Groups like  Travel Meetups- the Solo Female Traveler Network are another great place to get first hand  views and recommendations and potentially maybe even a buddy to for a rare oolong tea along the way! 





My hope is that Travel Lifestyle 101 will be a place to share, engage and inspire fellow global travelers, café and lifestyle enthusiasts with travel tips and the opportunity to meet like minded people around the world who want to uncover amazing places one experience at at time. 

Feel free to contact me on Twitter or Instagram to share your stories or if you interested in guest blogging. I would be happy to share these on Travel Lifestyle 101. 

Chinese Tea Ceremony

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Travel 101 Tips  

Check out TransferWise,for safe, quick money transfers while traveling out of the country. 


Online Banking can be tricky while travelling.

 JP Morgan Chase credit cards are easy, use this link and you can get a $150 Bonus after you spend $500 in the first three months your account is open.

(Full Disclosure, both of these tips give you a special incentive and benefit me as a person referring you. As a rule, I only recommend products  I personally use).

Read. Experience. Enjoy. 

Rapid Fire just for the fun of it…

Dream Destination:

I have a few: Milan (I put this on the list 2 years ago and made it there Jan 2019!), Lake Como, Bruges, Monte Carlo, Bali!

Favorite Super Hero:

This is a tough one. Growing up I loved Wonder Woman with her fabulous golden belt and thick bangles which dodged bullets! The fact that Hollywood has brought her back for a movie is a testament to all my practice sessions with friends of twirling around with a faux gold belt and turning into Wonder Woman!

The Bionic Woman played by Lindsay Wagner was a high second favorite, in fact, for most of my 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, I was the Bionic Woman…and so were my best friends in elementary school at the time!

True Passion:

Films…hands down. There is something magical about sitting in a comfy movie theater and entering another world. This is perhaps why I ended up spending 6 years of my life in Hollywood, CA and becoming part of the Screen Actor’s Guild, but that is another story I will share, promise!

Passion to pursue in life:

Travel, Fitness, Lifestyle- this is why I have created this lovely stomping ground in cyber space which I can call my own and share with kindred spirits!

Favorite Junk Food:

Animal Style Fries- and yes I am vegetarian! These are the most amazing, off the menu concoction of In-N-Out, a true Southern California establishment which to Angelinos is synonymous with the place to go when you want good American junk food. If you don’t believe me, check this out: and check out the one on Orange and Sunset Blvd where all the Hollywood action is!

Favorite Hollywood Movie:

Boy is this tough, there are so many memorable ones! This year's Oscar Lineup is full of amazing choices like the haunting portrayal of Freddie Mercury in #bohemianrhapsodymovie and the eccentric and zany royal life of Queen Anne in #TheFavorite!

Favorite Bollywood Movie:

Queen- Kangana Ranaut  is a phenomenal actress and this is a Bollywood film carried by the heroine- quite off the beaten track even in 2013.

Favorite Vacation:

Prague and Amsterdam both have lovely people, are stunningly beautiful and tons to discover!

Favorite dessert:

Sacher- torte, I have actually gone to the café in Vienna, Austria which has the secret royal recipe, the picture I think says it all:

Milan Duomo.jpg