Fitness 101 in 2020

You Can Do it!

Five Tips to Take on 2020.

By Asha Nanavati

It is official, we are six months into 2020 and life has not come back to normal. I admit, I was one of those naïve, hopeful people who believed that one day we would wake up and life would be back to normal...but this is the new normal. 

The good news is that as human beings we are resilient and can adapt and that is what we need to do especially now when health has become even more key to our existence. Studies continue to show that obesity and being out of shape are a high risk for recovery from the virus, so let's embrace this moment as the opportunity to meet our fitness goals for 2020!

Here are 5 fun tips which I hope will be helpful. We can do it! 

 1. Join an online Zoom class where you can get

motivated by real people! During the pandemic

if there is one thing I have learned is the importance of connecting with each other. My favorite go to

is Morning Glory Live lead by the amazing,

generous-hearted Eric the Trainer, a Hollywood

trainer for the stars  who needs no introduction. Classes are a fun-filled hour, M-F, with celebrity guests ranging from Def Leppard and Nickelback to Broadway leads, Hollywood stars, Olympians and more!

  2. Get out and enjoy nature. With many working,

socializing and living online, it is vitally important to get some Vitamin D and take in the beauty of nature. Take that hike, swim, trek and of course be

safe with social distancing . It does wonders

to boost to the soul.


  3. Emi Wong & Chad: This couple will lift your spirits, they are a fun- loving, hilarious couple from Hong Kong. Emi and Chad produce some killer content that will keep you entertained with 10, 20, 30 minute videos, my recent favorite is her 10 min standing ab blaster

  4. Total Body Project: Daniel & Alexandra are another dynamite couple whose workouts were a recent YouTube discovery during lockdown.  Boy do they give you a 30 minute workout that is sassy and adrenaline packed. It is not wonder they are the partner of choice for Virgin Atlantic online workouts!  Check out this beginner 30 minutes low impact, high energy!

  5. We are stronger together. I think on the road we forget that there are many amazing people around the world in the very same boat we are in.  Reach out

to friends, find like-minded groups on Instagram or FB for a community you can share your fitness routines with.  I would love to be your cheerleader! You can also DM me directly on my Instagram. 

Let's make 2020 the year where fitness, health, and 

togetherness prevailed! 




Thinking about your New Year Resolutions?

With Thanksgiving over and the holidays almost upon us, it is the time of year to reflect on what we all came into 2019 and pretty much the last ten years determined to do....lose 25 glorious pounds. People think that if you are travelling and exploring the world, fitness and diet goals just happen, but truth be told, they often get harder. There are all the amazing new foods to try, and Diwali sweets, as those seen below, for example rival Thanksgiving or Holiday dessert! 




Plus, there is the factor that you are often not near a gym or regular classes that you can count on...of course it is part of the adventure, but also part of the unpredictability of being a wander-luster. Yoga mats that fold and travel in backpacks or on planes work well in this situation but I often feel I need something more concrete to make the fitness proposition really work. 


So what are the solutions? To commemorate the fact that this is one year I am going to enter 2019 with a plan :) below are some travel tips that appeal and have worked for me and could be useful for you:

   Travel with your fav Exercise DVD's

DVD's are going to be a thing of the past but if you are a die hard like me with a laptop on hand that has a DVD drive, you will find having a few favorite routines with you helps you on those days that the heat or the humidity makes a local walk not that appealing.  

Some of my favorite go-tos are 

Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred", 

"Yoga Meltdown" & "Ripped in 30". 

Try Pop Sugar Fitness on youtube! They have  tons of amazing short and long format exercise videos for about anything! 

Some of my favorite Pop Sugar workouts: 


Last but not least, find a lovely trek, take a dazzling walk, enjoy the verdant beauty of nature!


 Solo Traveler Fitness Blog

Working Out on the Road 

Traveling the world continues to be an amazing experience and I would never trade discovering a new country or corner of the earth any day with my former 7am to 7pm corporate grind.  I read solo traveler blog posts of people working insane hours to get their two week vacation in a couple of years to see the world, and I remain grateful that I no longer have to beg, borrow and steal days to travel and enjoy the beauties of Mother Earth! 


Living now in a rural setting in South Asia and other parts of the world, I realize that staying fit and in shape has its challenges while on the road. Number one, there is always the temptation to try a new cuisine, delicacy and frankly, what is there to stop you? Also, not living near anything remotely resembling a gym or yoga salon has ironically made me more appreciative of the sports clubs I have belonged to over the years. With a gym or YWCA membership, once you get in the door, you guilt yourself into at least doing half hour on the elliptical or trying out a new fitness class. When travelling or living overseas, it sometimes takes motivation and will power to get in a workout three to five times a week especially as I am now living near the equator with towering temperatures and over 90% humidity a majority of the time.  Walks are not always optimal if you cannot face the 100 degree weather and deceptive combo of heat and mugginess. So the answer I have found, which I am excited to share, is the new format of workout and discovery of 10-12 minute fitness routines that can change your day! Who does not have ten minutes in the day and with dozens of videos often shot by fitness influencers  in exotic locations trouble shooting specific body areas, what is there to lose? I feel that the era of a one and half hour Jane Fonda routine is a relic of the past (no disrespect, they were an amazing part of the 80's fitness culture) and the easy breezy ten minute routine is in, and if you do two or three you have made your quota for the day!

Carefree Drive

So here are a few routines that I would love to share, just depending on the area where you would like to focus and which have personally made my day, many times over! 

10 Minute Lower Back workout with the fitness influencer Rebecca Louise- lovely sea setting and great fix for stubborn back fat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcEZ-25iExA

Summer is around the corner...

Check out this Six Pack Abs bottled 10 min workout, again a lovely Rebecca Louise workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7m3FS1rjHo

Pop Sugar Fitness also has a delightful no equipment, flat abs workout which is dynamite! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oTfGFUjutw

Readers, do share with the Travel Lifestyle 101 community if you have any 10 min workouts you would like me to add to this list!